Snowfall Totals from the Clipper System


Here’s a map of all of the snowfall totals we’ve received from last night’s clipper system. The snowfall forecast followed through for the majority of us, but the upslope snow that I thought would drop a couple more inches of snow in the mountains just did not take place as forecast, and so the mountains didn’t receive as much as what was forecast.

We’ll have more on what we can expect this week in tonight’s post!

Here Comes Some Snow!


Cold temperatures continue to chill our area, as our region failed to reach the freezing point in most places. Similar high temperatures will be felt in our region for our Saturday. In addition to the cold weather, we’ll see some snow as we make our way into the evening hours.

Taking a look at the 12 a.m. Saturday weather analysis, our southern storm system is now moving into New England. Things are quiet in our region with a calm wind flow, but the snow strikes our region Saturday night with a clipper system.

Impressive snowfall totals have been reported with a southern snow system that just missed our area to the south as our weather analysis above shows. Several winter weather advisories and warnings continue across the deep south, with a civil emergency in place for most of Alabama due to the extreme winter weather.

Several inches of snow have fallen across portions of central Alabama, northern Georgia, North Carolina, and southern Virginia as a result of a significant wintry southern storm.

While our area avoided snow from the southern storm, an Alberta clipper is set to move into our region Saturday night. Even though temperatures will certainly be sufficiently cold for snow to fall, the clipper system will pass through our area quickly. The storm will also weaken as it propagates from Canada toward our region. With that being said, I’ve got my forecast from yesterday’s post still as our snowfall forecast from Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. Most of the heavier totals over the highlands will take place due to snow enhancement with upslope. By mid-morning Sunday, the snow will be out of region. and we will see clouds begin to break by the afternoon.

Our Saturday night snow-maker is moving into the U.S., dropping some light accumulations in the arrowhead of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan in the process.

The forecast snowfall for our region from Saturday night through Sunday afternoon remains the same (click to zoom).

Looking ahead for the remainder of the month, much of the United States is stuck in a deep upper level trough. A look at the upper level winds and heights shows a deep trough over the lower Mississippi River Valley. This pattern is not going to change a lot during the month, and this type of pattern will allow the possibility for more Alberta Clipper systems to drop in from Canada. In addition, low pressure systems like to follow the jet stream (shown in yellow), and so the possibility of more southern storms will be possible. We’ll be talking more about this type of pattern very soon.

The cold pattern looks to continue in our region.